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I am writing to you to as an elected official to let you know that I support the campaign to have William Delaney appointed as the 10th president of Ireland.

The campaign proposes that for a nominal period, one minute, one hour or one day, the Office of the President of Ireland would be symbolically conferred upon the life and name of William Delaney. From that point forward being recognized as the 10th President of Ireland.

In exceptional cases the Presidential Commission assumes and fulfills all functions and duties of the office of President. The exceptions being when the office of President is vacant, or when the President is unavailable, such as on the death of the incumbent, on the resignation of the incumbent, by impeachment of the incumbent, and in the short interval between the conclusion of one President's term of office and the inauguration of a successor the next day. The Presidential commission comprises of the Chief Justice – President of the Supreme Court, Ceann Comhairle – Presiding officer of Dáil Éireann, and the Cathaoirleach – Chairman of Seanad Éireann.

A deceased person can not fulfil the duties of the office of the president, yet in exceptional cases such as the death of the president before completing his or her full term, the presidents commission assumes the function of the office. With the consent of the people of Ireland, the Presidents commission, council of state, and the Oireachtas, it is proposed that William Delaney would be appointed the 10th president in name alone, as a symbolic act whilst the Presidential commission assumes the functions of the office.

I hereby offer my consent for William Delaney to be appointed the 10th president of Ireland and urge you as my elected representative to ensure this process might be enacted.