Legal & Technical Issues

It is proposed that for a nominal period, one minute, one hour or one day, the Office of the President of Ireland would be symbolically conferred upon the life and name of Willy Delaney. From that point forward being recognized as the 10th President of Ireland.

To qualify, candidates must:

  • be a citizen of Ireland,
  • be at least 35 years of age, and
  • be nominated by:
    • at least twenty of the 218 serving members of the Houses of the Oireachtas, or
    • at least 4 of the 31 county or city councils, or
    • him- or herself, in the case of an incumbent or former president who has served one term.

One citizen of Ireland, who is over the age of 35 will change their name to 'William Delaney 1957 - 1970' That citizen will never be identified. Nominations by 4 county or city councils will be sought, in order to get William Delaney 1957 - 1970 onto the ballot sheet. Once achieved the citizen will change their name back and never be identified. Once on the ballot sheet William Delaney 1957 - 1970 can not be removed and the people of Ireland will have the opportunity to vote William as the 10th President of Ireland.